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Passionless Book
Foreword by Yemi Faseun, Top 150 Global HR Leader

Passion is not what you find, it is what you bring. 

Discover the unpopular but effective strategies to succeed in your career consistently in the PASSIONLESS Book

For early and mid-career professionals

Eliminate the stumbling block to your career success with the PASSIONLESS Book

Money follows value, not passion

    Are you struggling in your career because you have never truly found your passion?

    Do you feel like you are driving on the highway with the brakes on? Is there something out there you’d love to do and be passionate about, instead of slaving away where you are currently? Importantly, is this affecting your work and limiting your chances of career success?

    You are not alone

    Many people will have no other choice but to work, grow and succeed in careers they are not passionate about. The popular advice to “find your passion’ to achieve career success will continue to disappoint because the market does not pay for passion. It pays for skills and added value.

    The current global situation is causing layoffs and disruptions to the global workforce.

    Companies are declaring bankruptcies, firing staff and some industries may not survive. Career opportunities will change dramatically and the choices you’ll have to make will not be about your passion, but your skill and the value you bring.

    So how do you achieve career success when passion is forcefully removed by unprecedented factors far beyond your control, leaving you helpless?


The PASSIONLESS book is a framework that will help you discover the unpopular but effective strategies within your control to succeed in your career consistently, irrespective of location, industry, job title or years of experience, especially if you have not found your passion.

You will learn how to:

  • Love what you do without the frustration of 'finding the passion' that has eluded you for years.

  • Leverage your current job to get multiple job offers even if you hate your job, plus have colleagues that dislike you start recommending you.

  • Live fully without fear knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose every time you show up at work with your skills and your talent, and you deserve a good reward.

  • What is in the PASSIONLESS book?

    • How to connect the two foundations you need for your career success, no matter where you are right now

    • The 3 step process to identify a good career path if you have to start all over again

    • The 4 questions you need to answer in every job role that will make you ace job interviews or work better with a new boss.

    • The 3 mindset changes to help you answer interview questions like a pro

    • The best place to get a new job that almost every career professional ignores

    • The 3 simple things you need to turn your co-workers into your career ambassadors even if they don't like you.

    • The 5Cs that will help you attract top jobs using social media and help you eliminate posting random things that can derail your career.

    • 1 secret ingredient you need to bring to work that will make people nod in agreement that you should be promoted.

      And more...

    Reviews for the PASSIONLESS book

    This is a strong guiding principle to develop a successful and fulfilling career. People should not look for an end goal, but understand that what matters most is the journey. [The book is] quick to read, practical and easy to read. Great guiding principles and tips for people at the beginning of their career

    Stephane Pere

    Chief Revenue Officer, Poool. 

    Former Executive Vice President, Business Development. The Economist.

    I would recommend this book to young professionals at entry and mid-career level. A lot of young people today do not value the lessons learnt from mundane tasks, from acquiring skills that may seem boring or senseless - these lessons and skills in my experience have always turned out to be the most valuable ones.

    Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho

    CEO, Futuresoft Resources Limited. Non-Executive Director, Stanbic IBTC Holding PLC

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dose of truth and as promised, I got through it in one sitting.  You are no longer at the mercy of the elusive ‘passion’ we all seek. Instead you have all the ingredients to take charge, design and cultivate the professional life you’ve always dreamt of, one day at a time.

    Kemi Onanbanjo-Joseph

    Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

    Passionless Book

    About The Author

    Ibukun is a strategic leader with over 14 years' work experience across 4 countries. He holds a MSc in Business Innovation with eBusiness from Birkbeck College, University of London. 

    Prior to switching careers to Growth Marketing, Digital and B2B Sales working with multinational organisations including Nestlé and Ringier, Ibukun worked as a Flood Risk Assessment Engineer at WERM, a consultant for ThamesWater UK, he taught Mathematics at an outstanding school, and worked as a Project Developer for a Compressed Natural Gas Start-up.

    Ibukun coaches early and mid-career professionals to excel at work. He is a TEDx speaker, Ten Outstanding Young Person's by JCI awardee (2015) and named 100 Most Influential Young Nigerian by Avance Media (2019). 

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