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Find your passion the easy way

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The hidden truth about 'Find Your Passion'

Here’s an uncomfortable truth.


I know this goes against what the gurus have been telling you. You probably have that sinking feeling too that there’s just something wrong with the advice to ‘Find your passion’.

It is too hard and most times does not work. It hasn't worked for you. Not just you, 83% of career professionals have not found their passion. 

If passion is not what you find, what do you do?

That's what I am revealing to you in this short guide. You'll learn: 

  • The 6 simple steps to unlock your passion while having fun. 
  • The 4 words you need to get good feedback about anything you do. 
  • The Passion Allocation Framework which ties everything together. You’ll never struggle to find your passion again if you follow it. 
Passionless Book

About Ibukun Onitiju

Ibukun is a strategic leader and ex-Nestlé Head of Digital overseeing 25 countries. He has over 14 years' work experience across 4 countries and holds a MSc in Business Innovation with eBusiness from Birkbeck College, University of London. 

Prior to focusing on Digital Marketing Transformation, Ibukun worked as a Flood Risk Assessment Engineer at WERM, a consultant for ThamesWater UK, he taught Mathematics at an outstanding school, and worked as a Project Developer for a Compressed Natural Gas Start-up.

Ibukun coaches early and mid-career professionals to excel at work. He is a TEDx speaker, Ten Outstanding Young Person's by JCI awardee (2015) and named 100 Most Influential Young Nigerian by Avance Media (2019). 

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